About Fishing Bait Launchers


Fishing Bait Launchers, Bait Cannons, are a great way to launch your fishing bait without the stress of rod and reel casting.

Bait Launchers can project your bait further than casting by hand and with much more accuracy.

It's important to remember that "Bait Launchers" are not toys and demand the same cautions and responsibilities as traditional firearms. Adult supervision during operation is the number one safety requirement in responsibly owning any type of bait launcher or bait cannon. If you are under 18, get an adult to help you. It is your responsibility to educate yourself before operating any type of launcher.

About Fishing Bait Launchers.com

Air CannonI started out building "Polish Cannons" for my nephews back in 2001. Remember those old 3 or 4 soup cans taped together, some lighter fluid and a Tennis Ball.

We called them Polish Cannons...

After inconsistant launches and lighter fluid everywhere, I knew there had to be a better and safer way.

I decided to create pneumatic
spud gun or potato cannon air cannons wiht the potential for making them launch consistantly, launch with more power, and safe for anyone wishing to shoot one. See our videos here.

By switching from a flammable fuel source to air, I was able to achieve all the above. These pneumatic
spud gun or potato cannon air cannons launch every time.

Air CannonThey have an endless and inexpensive fuel source by filling them with air from a compressor or automobile tire inflator.
There are no flammable materials used to ignite the bait launcher, therefore eliminating chances of fire, explosions or burns.
These fishing bait launchers are perfect for launching bait pucks, frozen bait, frozen squid or chum. They are perfect for launching T-Shirts or confetti during a sporting event.

Air CannonBecause they don't need a flammable fuel for ignition, they are perfect for launching potatos or vegitables in the forest or a field full of weeds and dry brush.

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Guidelines for Potato gun and general gun safety 

1. Make sure you know whether or not the bait launcher is loaded. Treat the bait launcher as if it is loaded at all times. In other words do not point it at people or animals. Always point it in a safe direction when using or loading. Pay attention to the line traced by the bait launchers muzzle, make sure it doesn’t cross anyone or anything you do not wish to shoot.

Fishing bait launchers can be dangerous, or even deadly when improperly handled. Never store or transport a loaded bait launcher. Don’t load a bait launcher unless you intend to shoot it immediately.

2. Do not put your finger on the firing mechanism unless the fishing bait launcher is pointed at the intended target. Simple: on target means on trigger, off target means off trigger.

3. Be sure of your target area and what is beyond it. You must always launch bait in a safe location. This means NEVER point or fire at anything that (1) you cannot clearly and easily identify as a target, and (2) that would pose a danger to anyone were your bait puck to stray, or ricochet. This means always knowing where your bait puck has the potential to go. Never point the bait launcher or pull the trigger at another person or boat.

4. A very important, but often overlooked rule, never hand a bait launcher to anyone who doesn't understand and abide by these rules. Once they are holding the bait launcher, it is their, not your, responsibility to handle it safely, but you will be putting your life and property as well as the life and property of everyone else on the line if you do so.

Do not use bait launchers in extremely cold or extremely hot weather, PVC is a good material, but it does have it’s limits. PVC may become brittle in extreme temperatures.

Never go beyond 100 PSI with a PVC bait launcher or bait cannon.

Be Safe! Have Fun!