Fishing Bait Launcher Pneumatic Casting System

Fishing Bait Launcher pneumatic casting system

Our Fishing Bait Launcher is a that pneumatically propels a fishing lure or bait/weight combination a great distance. Pneumatic pressure is provided in combination with a conventional tube. A pneumatic tube is releasably provided from the ballast. The pneumatic tube also operates as a handle to hold the fishing bait launcher when launching the bait. A powerful blast of compressed air within the pneumatic tube propels the fishing lure or bait/weight combination with pneumatic pressure is released with a valve mechanism.

A Fishing Bait Launcher for casting a fishing lure or bait/weight combination, comprising a set of tubes including a connector having first and second ends, the first end of the connector being releasably connected to a proximal end of a pneumatic tube, the pneumatic tube having a power air blast within the pneumatic tube that propels the fishing lure or bait/weight combination, a source of pneumatic pressure and an air chamber which are connected to the pneumatic tube by the connector, the connector extending from the first tube or ballast to a second tube or barrel thereof located next to and connected to the air chamber, the air chamber pressurized by the source of pneumatic pressure, a valve that is on the connector and interposed between the first and second ends of the connector, whereby operation of the valve releases air pressure to the pneumatic tube and propels the power piston down the pneumatic tube, thereby propelling the fishing lure or bait/weight combination down the pneumatic tube and launching the fishing lure or bait/weight combination.

The Fishing Bait Launcher uses a conventional fishing rod/reel combination combined with a pneumatic casting tube, which propels a fishing lure or baited hook and weight much farther than the rod can propel the lure or bait when the rod is used alone. A bait puck is engaged within the tube and rapidly accelerated with compressed air. The fishing lure or baited hook/weight are held within a puck that is secured to the rod and reel fishing pole. When the air is accelerated, and reaches the end of its predetermined travel path, the fishing lure or baited hook/weight leave the tube at a high velocity and reach the suitable distance desired, as determined by the pneumatic pressure.
The pneumatic Fishing Bait Launcher casting system is light enough for a child to carry and operate and the pneumatic casting mechanism or Fishing Bait Launcher can be readily transported to the location intended. This is especially useful for surf fishing, where the fishing lure or baited hook/weight combination is to be cast a long distance, normally past the surf into areas where backwash of the surf collects food, and fish congregate.

Devices that propel a fishing lure or a weighted bait have been the subject of numerous patents. U.S. Pat. No. 3,828,459 to Easom shows a pneumatic rifle cast fishing rod. The pneumatic means is integral with the fishing rod our Fishing Bait Launcher is safe, easy to operate and cost effective.
U.S. Pat. No. 3,419,991 shows a pneumatic device located within the handle portion of a fishing rod, that propels the lure. Unlike the present invention, our Fishing Bait Launcher pneumatic casting devices utilizes a conventional fishing rod. The Fishing Bait Launcher also offers an excellent location for a rod holder, to hold the rod when casting or waiting for a fish to bite.

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