American Air Cannon Testimonials



Mick -

Thanks again for the help.  The irrigation supply company had the 1.5" Class 200.
This was a fun project with my 13-yr old son.  It works as advertised - easily shooting 600'+!
Pat Bailey

Mick -

This made an awesome Christmas gift for my sons.
Nothing says happy holidays like launching bait pucks and bullets a couple hundred yards! Great simple and safe design.



Hi, my name is Price,

I use my bait launcher for launching a tool line over the tops of the trees on my property so I can trim the branches.

Since the trees are over 100 feet tall, the air cannon is the only way to launch a lead line over the tops of the higher branches.

This cannon is also a great source of entertainment when my grandsons come to visit. As you can see we had fun painting it with some spackle furniture paint.

These cannons are the best...
Price Bethel




Thanks. Didn't have a camera handy. But I did have my video camera.

We had a great time building the bait launcher. An evening of assembly and a coat of hammered silver paint and we were ready to go.

My nephew and I had as much fun shooting at targets as shooting the bait pucks and seeing how far they would go. Thanks for the great plans!





Attached is a picture of myself and the student who built the fishing bait launcher.


My students and neighbors really enjoy it. We appreciate your plans.


Pete Karpyk

All USA Teacher 

Weir High

Air Cannon

Hi, my name is Jeff Bracken,

and I am a high school chemistry teacher who purchased the plans for your Fishing Bait Launcher last fall. It is with great joy that I tell you that my physics students fired over 80 bait pucks off the beach last week's fishing tournament. Absolutely terrific to see the physics kids getting recognized by the older anglers.

I shared your website with about 35 Central Ohio HS chemistry teachers at a meeting today. They were incredibly impressed with the finished product (my bait launcher). I hope that they will contact you to purchase the plans. What I said a year ago still holds true, the $20 for the purchase of your plans was an incredibly worthwhile investment.

Thanks again...
Jeff Bracken


To whom it may concern:
I have purchased plans and build the fishing bait launcher. It has worked phenomenal and have got much enjoyment out of it. Not just myself but also many many friends when we use it for fishing.
I did purchase a portable CO2 compressor to facilitate wtih the loading process. I am inquiring if it is possible to convert this type of cannon into a self -loading repeating bait launcher? If you have any suggestions or answers please share this information with me or let me know if it is available.
Thank you
Ricardo Ledesma


Dear Fishing Bait Launchers,

The Bait Launcher is great. Kick ass. The orbit valve has a lever that manually bypasses the solenoid. No real need to tap the valve. Also I installed an air nozzle inline with my air feed. After launch you just squeeze the nozzle to desired pressure and boom, launch again. I also used all galvanized steel fittings from the valve to the launch tube except for the slip bushing.

Talk to you soon
Thanks again for the excellent design



Dear Fishing Bait Launchers,

"I did a few things to trick it out and then took it to the beach to test. At 85psi, it shoots about 250 yards. I will try to take some pics and send them when I get the chance."

Anthony Toni



Dear Fishing Bait Launchers,

"The Bait Cannon worked awesome during our family fishing trip to Mexico, thanks for working so quickly with me."




Dear Fishing Bait,

My Bait Cannonis awesome. I was surprised at the amount of recoil it has when I load the barrel with water. The only item I had trouble getting was the pressure gauge. I finally ordered it from, but it cost $12 plus another $7 for tax and shipping. Do you have any better suggestions?




Dear Fishing Bait,

I successfully completed building the bait cannon and I must say I’m very pleased! It works as well as you said and was fairly straightforward and easy to build.

Thank you,
Tim Arnold



Dear Fishing Bait Launchers,

"We all loved the fishing bait launcher! Our local fishermen love using it to shoot the bait further than they can cast. This keeps the baot away from frightening the fish."!!!

Suzi Carey



Dear Fishing Bait Launchers,

Your plans and additional suggestions are probably the best $20 investment I ever made!




Dear Fishing Bait,

The fishing bait cannon just arrived and my husband LOVES it! He said to congratulate you on your ingenuity and design and declared anything that is dangerous, runs on compressed air, has a trigger, and fires something is the best present ever.

Thanks for all your help with this! SCORE!